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Picnic Blanket

This page is the first world wide web page for this new domain I am just starting up. Nothing to exciting yet but I will soon be talking all about picnics, picnic blankets and whatever else might come up as I develop the site and try to deliver information that can help you get outdoors and enjoy a nice meal.

Why Blankets?

A picnic blanket is perhaps an old fashioned kind of thing but it is also a symbol of picnicing. Seeing a picture of a picnic blanket out on a grassy field, perhaps with a picnic basket on it, conjures up a lot of good feelings and emotions for many people. It probably is true that many more people today enjoy picnics outdoors by sitting at a picnic or outdoor deck table than a blanket. Yet there is still a lot of utility to be had with a nice blanket. It can be used at sporting events, to get between you and the ground if you are in a place where there is no picnic table or can be used to wrap your picnic things in if they need to be protected from bugs or hot weather.

More Picnic Blanket Information will be coming soon.